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The protections offered by intellectual property rights encourage the development of new technology and innovations, and a knowledgeable attorney can explain what these rights represent from both a practical and legal perspective. At Christopher & Weisberg, P.A., we handle intellectual property matters and assist clients throughout the globe with issues related to licensing agreements, internet rights and copyright. With extensive technical backgrounds, our attorneys can quickly identify potential issues and provide thorough legal advice. Whether you need to create a licensing agreement, take action against cybersquatters or register the copyright of your most recent work, we will develop a strategy designed to achieve your objectives.

How do licensing agreements enhance your intellectual property portfolio?

Granting a license to another entity or individual to produce your product, use your trademark or reproduce your copyrighted work can generate a substantial revenue stream and greatly enhance the life and potential of your intellectual property assets. However, without careful consideration and detailed contract terms, licensing agreements can damage your intellectual property rights. Some key terms and issues that should be addressed include:

  • Patent license — A patent license involves the inclusion of terms governing product quality, patent marking requirements, conditions on where the product can be produced and sold and reserving the right to sue infringers.
  • Trademark license — This type of license is meant to ensure the terms and conditions of trademark use are clearly set out, stating when licensing fees are owed and protecting against losing ownership rights of the mark.
  • Copyright license — A copyright licensing agreement should be tailored to the relationship of the parties and allow the copyright holder to retain sufficient control over any reproduction, display or use.

Licensing your intellectual property can be highly lucrative and beneficial, and we have extensive experience negotiating agreements, enforcing the terms of existing licenses and resolving disputes in our clients’ favor.

How can you protect and enforce your intellectual property rights on the internet?

In today’s world, the internet plays a crucial role in commerce, and website operators, companies and entrepreneurs all risk significant problems if intellectual property rights are not properly established and enforced. Examples of common intellectual property issues that arise on the internet include:

  • Domain name disputes related to unauthorized use or malicious registrations, such as cybersquatting
  • Failing to properly attribute copyrighted works
  • Inserting well-known trademarks or brand names into a competitor’s website meta tags to drive traffic to the site
  • The sale of trademarked keywords to competitors to use in pay-per-click advertising

Due to the many ways infringement can occur online, being diligent in the establishment and enforcement of your intellectual rights is imperative.

What works can be copyrighted, and when does copyright protection start?

Original works of authorship, including art, writings, computer code, music and technical drawings, are all eligible for copyright registration and protection. Limited copyright protections are granted when the work is completed, but much greater protection is extended if the work is registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. Without this registration, the copyright holder cannot sue for infringement and loses the right to certain legal remedies, such as attorney fees and statutory damages. You deserve credit for your creative efforts, and our team will guide you through the registration process, negotiate fair licensing agreements and enforce your rights against infringers.

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