Experienced Attorneys Help Clients Around the World Procure and Protect Proprietary Assets

Knowledgeable lawyers handle all aspects of intellectual property acquisition and enforcement

A company’s success is often tied to its ability to protect its exclusive right to produce and market specific products and brands. With offices in both Miami/Fort Lauderdale and Austin, Texas, Christopher & Weisberg, P.A. helps clients throughout the globe, from solo inventors, growing companies, universities and non-profit organizations to multi-national corporations, with their intellectual property issues, including patent and trademark prosecution and litigation, as well as licensing agreements. As accomplished IP attorneys, our firm delivers high-level counsel and develops sophisticated strategies to achieve a variety of goals across a wide spectrum of industries and technologies. Whether you need to appeal a rejection of your trademark application, develop and manage a patent portfolio, sue a competitor for patent infringement or enter into a licensing agreement, we will give you solid advice on the range of options and provide clear guidance throughout your IP projects.

Responsive counselors know how to effectively manage and support client portfolios

When it comes to intellectual property matters, working with attorneys who thoroughly understand the law, the technology and the practical implication of every decision increases the likelihood of a favorable result. Our clients put their trust in us to handle these complex and important issues because we offer:

  • Highly-rated attorneys — Our attorneys have earned AV Preeminent® Peer Review Ratings by Martindale Hubbell® for our high ethical standards and professional abilities based on reviews from fellow attorneys familiar with our work.
  • Advanced technology experience and credentials – Our attorneys have earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in relevant areas of science and engineering and have many years of industry experience. We know the technology. 
  • Accomplished trial advocates — Knowing how to connect with judges and juries is key to winning at trial, and we are adept at building strong and compelling arguments to support a wide range of IP claims.
  • Individualized consultation — Every situation is unique, and we work closely with each client to ensure we fully understand their concerns and objectives.

We have the resources and knowledge to address the most complex of circumstances and will take decisive steps as we endeavor to protect and enforce your rights.

Meticulous advocates provide skilled and reliable representation to individuals and businesses throughout the globe

We are committed to our clients with and their intellectual property needs and offer sound and informed representation in the following areas:

  • Intellectual property protection, enforcement and defense — The strength and effectiveness of your intellectual property is only as good as the methods used for its protection, enforcement and defense. We know how to identify potential problems and identify innovative solutions that achieve your goals. Our firm serves clients in a diverse group of industries, including agricultural and food, electronics, communications and software and medical devices and life sciences.
  • Patents — Inventors deserve credit and the opportunity to reap the benefits of all their hard work. Our attorneys know how to accurately assess and resolve patent issues, including patent infringement and patent infringement defense cases, and have experience handling concerns relating to various types of representative technologies.
  • Trademarks — The logos and unique characteristics that distinguish one company or product from another require close management to protect their value. We have extensive experience in trademark issues, including trademark infringement disputes, and know how to safeguard against brand dilution and confusion.
  • Intellectual property litigation and mediation — The forum you choose to resolve your intellectual property dispute can directly influence the type of outcome you could receive. We are highly skilled at securing favorable results using both litigation and mediation.
  • Licensing agreements, internet rights and copyrights — Generating income is a big part of offsetting the investment of time and resources used to develop intellectual property assets. We have drafted and enforced many types of contracts related to licensing agreements, internet rights and copyrights and will ensure you fully understand your rights and obligations before you commit to anything.

Our team consistently delivers quality advice and advocacy.

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