Medical Device & Life Science

Your technology is important to your customers, patients, and to us.

Medical and life science technology is a complex, high-stakes, high-cost and high-value undertaking. You expect and need team members with relevant technical knowledge to counsel and support you. Intellectual property is a valuable asset and frequently is the key driver in the valuation of a business. Conversely, the intellectual property assets of others can slow you down, block you, or break you.


Our attorneys have been recognized by our peers and top legal publications for their legal acumen and accomplishments in all areas of intellectual property law, as well as their business experience in dealing with medical technology companies, large and small. We can develop and protect your assets, while helping you to avoid and resolve legal problems.


Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Agreements, Disputes, and Litigation – Foreign and Domestic. This is what we do. This is all we do. We do it well.


Representative Technologies

We advise our clients and procure intellectual property in almost every area of
medical and life science technology, including:

• Ablation Systems • Artificial Disc Implants • Implantable and Retrievable Biofilters • Biomaterials • Biosensors Blood Cooling and Cryogenic Systems • Defibrillators Catheters (angiography, angioplasty, ablation, cryogenic, diagnostic, ultrasound, abrasive, chronic total occlusion, electrophysiology) Chromatography Control Consoles and Related Software Dental Devices and Implants Diabetes Testing and Treatment Systems Diagnostic Equipment • Dialysis Equipment Drug Delivery Devices Embolic Coils Endoscopes Health Care Billing and Management Software Hearing Aids Hemostatic and Hydrocephalus Valves Insulin Pumps Introducers and Catheter Sheaths Joint Replacement Laboratory Equipment • Medical Education Software Medical Imaging Medical Methods Medical Records Management Software Mitral Valves Nanotechnology Neuropathy Detection Devices Neurosurgical Devices Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements Obstetric Devices Ocular Devices Optical Coherence Tomography Orthopedic Devices Pacemakers Prostheses Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Equipment Retinal Imaging Devices Stents (bare metal, drug-coated, balloon-expandable, self-expanding) Structural Heart Surgical Instruments and Devices Surgical Methods Surgical Navigation Systems Syringes Telemedicine Tissue Anchors Trocars Uretral Stents Vascular Access Venous Valves and Filters Ventilators Vulnerable Plaque Treatments Wound Care Xenografts and Allografts • 


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