Electronics, Communication & Software

Your technology is important to your customers and to us. 

Electrical engineering and computer hardware and software technologies play a major role in our everyday lives. From wireless networks and semiconductor designs, to security systems and web-based e-commerce models, more and more products and services need the backing of a strong legal team that combines the savvy and experience of a law practice, with the practical and technical knowledge of an engineering firm.


Inventors and companies cannot afford to expend precious resources educating their attorneys on the technological aspects of their products. At Christopher & Weisberg, our attorneys in the electrical engineering and computer group have strong electrical, computer and software backgrounds, quickly grasp complex technical problems, and craft strong, persuasive arguments, whether before a Federal judge or a patent examiner. We combine legal, technical, and business experience to secure the broadest protection for your electronic, computer, communication, and software technologies.


With Christopher & Weisberg, you are not only hiring an attorney, but an engineer as well. In today’s world of cutting-edge technology, you need counseling from both.


Representative Technologies:

We advise our clients and procure intellectual property in almost every area of
software, electrical, and communication technologies, including:


AC/DC motors Acoustic sources Acousto-magnetic devices • Amplifiers Anechoic chambers Antennas Audio, video & multimedia file compression algorithms & transport Back-up devices Batteries Blade servers & server control Browser applications CDMA processing Cellular networks & devices Central processors Chemical etching systems Chemical vapor deposition methods Cloud computing Communication protocols Computer security & vision Consumer electronics Databases Deep ultra-violet laser imaging Digital communication devices Digital image processing & recognition Digital signal processing E-commerce Electrical cars Electrical connectors Fiber optic connectors Fiber optic fabrication Film processing equipment Firewalls Gas turbine power generation GPS receivers Green technology Hydroelectric technology Inventory control LASERS Layer overlay inspection systems LED designs Lens arrangements Linear motors Liquid crystal displays Magnetic data storage devices Malware, virus & worm detection Mass storage devices Medical sensors & diagnostic equipment Metal detection Microwave devices Modems Modulation & coding Motor control systems Multiprotocol network standards & routing/switching devices Nano devices Network synchronization Operating systems Optical data storage devices Optical switching communications Optoelectronic devices Photographic systems Photo-infrared devices Plasma displays Plastic pallet fabrication Power generation devices Power tools Printers Printer heads Radar systems Radio-frequency ablation medical devices Remote monitoring RF devices RFID tags Satellite image enhancement Scattering & radiation analysis software Security system tags Semiconductors Sensors Signal processing devices Social media/networking Solar power Telephony & Call Control Thread programming Transmitters & receivers Turbine engines Vehicle lenses Vehicle molding for sealing/noise control Version control Video compression techniques Video stabilization circuitry Virtual machines Wafer inspection systems Website based applications WiFi Wind power Wireless devices & systems 


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