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Your technology is important to your customers, growers, and to us. 

From the field to the table, agriculture and food technology is a critical ingredient in worldwide markets. Every aspect of plant production, whether agronomic or ornamental, demands intense resource and decisional inputs, and can involve the use of complex equipment. The production and management of safe, accessible food requires the precise integration of scientific and legal components. These reasons underscore the importance of hiring a strong legal team that combines the savvy and experience of a law practice with the practical and technical knowledge of an agricultural engineering firm. Inventors and companies cannot afford to expend precious resources educating their attorneys on the technological aspects of farming, food processing, packaging, delivery, and quality control.


At Christopher & Weisberg, our attorneys in the Agricultural and Food Technology Practice Group have experience with the technology of crop production, chemistry, soil science, pesticides, biotechnology, plant nutrition and physiology, plant pathology, nursery operations, agricultural engineering, and food technology. We understand the precise balance of all the variables it takes to successfully produce food crops and ornamental plants. With Christopher & Weisberg, you are not only hiring an attorney, but plant, agricultural, and food engineers as well. In today’s world of cutting-edge technology, you need counseling from both.


Representative Technologies

We advise our clients and procure intellectual property in almost every area of plant production and management, as well as food processing, packaging, delivery, and quality control, including:


 • Aquaculture • Biofuels • Biomaterials • Chemical Sensors • Chromatography • Combustion Engines • Commercial Assembly Line Systems • Diagnostic Equipment • DNA/RNA Sequences • E-Commerce • Farm Equipment • Flash Freezing Apparatus • Food Processing & Packaging • Food Shelf Life Enhancement • Freshness Monitoring Systems • Green Technology •  Hydroelectric Technology • Hydroponic Technologies • Industrial Machinery • Inventory  Control • Irrigation Equipment • Laboratory Equipment • Metal Detection • Motor Control Systems • Nanotechnology • Oxidation Level Analysis • Pesticide & Herbicide Delivery Systems • Plant Disease Resistance & Tolerance Enhancement • Packaging • Plant Variety Development • Plastic Pellet Fabrication • PNA Technology • Polymers • Power Generation Devices • Power Tools • Refrigeration • Remote Monitoring • RFID Devices • Solar Power • Sprayers & Fluid  Systems • Storage Devices • Tissue-specific Plant Promoters • Tractors • Turbine Engines • Water Generation • Wind Power • Wireless Devices & Systems •


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