Your brands, logos, and creative works flourish in the care of professionals who have both business and legal savvy. We are those professionals.

Protecting the brand identity of your goods and services is essential for generating the maximum goodwill for your businesses and operations. Similarly, obtaining copyright registrations for your creative works is crucial for ensuring your valuable artistic creations are protected from unauthorized copying.


Our seasoned attorneys have Fortune 500 business experience and have counseled clients, large and small, concerning their trademark, copyright, and Internet matters. We provide assistance through every stage of the life of a trademark, creative work, or website, and have an extensive network of foreign associates to assist in expanding your intellectual property protection worldwide.


Our attorneys also advise on issues concerning the validity and infringement of your trademarks and copyrights, and vigorously defend and enforce your rights. We strive to help you maximize the value of your company’s intellectual property portfolio, regardless of your company’s size.

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