Internet, E-commerce & Business Methods

We have extensive experience in all aspects of Internet law, electronic online commerce and business law, and use such knowledge to provide clients with practical legal counsel in the fast changing yet perilous world of cyberspace. We assist clients with choosing their identities and setting up their domains, conduct website audits to assess the validity and legality of their use of intellectual property, and review and advise clients on their online privacy polices as well as their external and internal network use procedures. We also have particular experience in obtaining critical patent protection for business methods and online commercial operations.


Domain Names and Internet Matters

• Secure trademarks and copyrights related to your website.
• Obtain domain-name registrations.
• Work with you to obtain licenses related to web applications and open source projects.
• Draft end-user and click-through license agreements.
• Review your websites and provide advice as to your available intellectual property rights.
• Defend and enforce your intellectual property rights associated with your website.
• Handle your domain-name disputes.


Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. And sometimes a bit of litigation.™

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