Copyright Litigation

Christopher & Weisberg has significant experience in representing both plaintiffs and defendants in complex copyright matters in federal courts across the United States. Prior to litigation, we carefully analyze every aspect of our clients’ operations as they relate to the contested matter and the intellectual property rights of others. We thoroughly evaluate every legal option so as to afford our clients maximum insight and flexibility in choosing the most appropriate course of action.


Copyright Protection & Enforcement

We provide copyright counseling with respect to the full range of creative works including software and multi-media, as well as text, music and visual art work. We obtain copyright registrations and prepare agreements related to the creation and ownership of copyrightable works, the acquisition of copyright interests, and the transfer of copyright interests. We also litigate copyright disputes.


Copyright Summary

• Prepare, file, and prosecute your copyright applications.
• Prepare and negotiate copyright assignments and licenses.
• Advise you regarding proper copyright usage.
• Enforce and defend your copyrights in federal courts.
• Review advertising and promotional materials and provide advice on the availability of copyright  protection.


Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. And sometimes a bit of litigation.™

Christopher & Weisberg, P.A.