Trademark Searches, Opinions, Registration & Enforcement

Trademark Clearance & Searching

We assist clients in every stage of the life of a trademark, beginning by advising clients on the relative merits of a chosen brand or mark. We search for trademarks and service marks that will create immediate brand value for our client’s products and services, and which will generate the maximum goodwill in their businesses and operations. Using the latest in proprietary databases and technical search tools, we prepare detailed reports on the availability of a mark based on the universe of national and international trademarks, corporate names, logos, common law marks, domain names, and other proprietary names and assets. We also advise clients and help them resolve usage and ownership issues in the modern marketplace, and set up trademark watches which monitor the usage and/or registration of similar marks by third parties around the world, such that our clients may maximize their benefits in the goodwill generated by their brands and marks.


U.S. & International Trademark Prosecution

Once a particular brand or mark is chosen, we provide clients with valuable trademark registrations at the state, federal, and international level. In prosecuting applications with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, we efficiently expedite the processing, examination, and approval of trademark applications. We also assist and represent clients in ex parte appeals and adversarial proceedings such as oppositions and cancellations before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. Using our extensive network of foreign associates, we manage and coordinate the filing and prosecution of trademark applications around the world, including multi-jurisdictional registrations such as the European Community Trademark and the International (Madrid Union) Trademark. Once a trademark is registered, we administer the program of fee payments and filing of affidavits of use necessary to maintain and renew a federal trademark registration.

Trademark Matters

• Perform trademark due diligence investigations including validity and infringement opinions.
• Conduct trademark searches and provide opinions regarding your trademarks, whether words, designs,
logos, or a combination thereof, are available for registration and use in the U.S. and worldwide.
• Prepare, file, and prosecute your trademark, trade dress, or design applications in the U.S. and worldwide.
• Assist and advise you as to proper trademark usage in compliance with United States rules and regulations.
• Negotiate and draft assignment and license agreements.
• Monitor and address third-party trademark use, applications, and registrations.
• Enforce and defend your trademarks in federal trial and appeals courts, agencies, and international forums.
• Organize and maintain your intellectual property portfolio.


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