Patent Prosecution

Domestic and International Patent Practice

Patents are crucial high-value assets and are frequently the key consideration in the valuation of a business. Conversely, the intellectual property assets of others can slow you down, block you, or break you. You expect and need team members with relevant technical knowledge to counsel and support you. Many of our attorneys hold advanced technology and business degrees, and are registered to practice before the United States Patent & Trademark Office. We handle the full spectrum of industrial, medical and consumer technologies.


Technology Expertise

Inventors and companies cannot afford to expend precious resources education their attorneys on the technical aspects of their products. At Christopher & Weisberg, our attorneys have science or engineering degrees in a variety of disciplines including electrical, mechanical, aeronautical, and biomedical engineering, as well as agriculture & plant science, and physics. our attorneys have been recognized by our peers and top legal publications for technical and legal acumen and other accomplishments in all areas of intellectual property law, as well as business experience dealing with technology companies, large and small.



If necessity is the mother of invention, we’re the overprotective father.





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